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And then I clicked ‘close’

Six The Musical, featuring all female cast, brings new life to the stories of Henry VIII’s ex-wives. The famous Queens have more than their demise to sing about and take to the mic for a energetic pop concert musical that ‘remixes five hundred years of historical heartbreak’. The show will tour the UK this year calling at London, Kingston, Southampton and Salford before a 9-date run at Glasgow’s SEC. Six The Musical kicks off in Glasgow on Thu 20 Dec and runs over the festive period until Sun 30 Dec 2018 and tickets are on sale now.

It’s just, guys, sometimes I get so tired.

2 thoughts on “And then I clicked ‘close’”

  1. Flannery O’Connor is sometimes wrong–for novels, Kim is greater, never mind Austen and a few others. I don’t miss Hopkins one damn bit.


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