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45 Year Old Man Misunderstands Google Alerts

Guys, what am I supposed to do with this?


If you’re like me then of COURSE you’re currently obsessed and waiting to find out about the face-transplanted suicide survivor so give me two shakes and I’ll give you all the deets.

[time passes]

Oh man. It’s grim. But heartening?

  • A young woman named Katie Stubblefield, among other stressors, “faced betrayal in a personal relationship.” This led her to attempt suicide by shooting herself in the face.
    • (I have a lot of thoughts about suicide — none that you should be worried about. My depression slides towards over-eating and crying jags, not suicide.)
    • (I think when to leave here is a Very Personal Choice. Some people choose to leave here, and their Very Personal Choice is based on things like treatable mental illness, or a health condition. Some leave because they’ve looked at all the options and said, “No thank you. I’ll see myself out.”)
    • (Anne Sexton has a great line about suicide: “But suicides have a special language. Like carpenters, they want to know which tools. They never ask why build.”)
    • (Having said all that, if I could walk around telling people that I was betrayed in a personal relationship, I would ab-so-lutely stay around and bring that up at every conceivable opportunity. “I see you’re counting my 12 items while we’re both in live for the 8-items-or-less aisle. You see, I suffered and faced betrayal in a personal relationship so no, I will not be putting back four items how even dare you?”)
  • This all happens in Mississippi, by the way. (I am casting no aspersions, p.s.)
  • Here’s one of my favorite lines in the piece: “Katie doesn’t remember that tragic day when she lost her face.”
  • It’s now four years after, and she’s doing great!


  • The caption for this picture is confusing — but it’s also why this story showed up in a Google Alert I’d set for “Tudor”
  • “Nine months and 22 days before Katie’s face transplant, at Cleveland’s Tudor Arms Hotel, Katie and her father sing “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?” as they share a dance.”
    • If you skip the comma, because you’re a sloppy reader as I am, you might find yourself baffled and amazed that a hotel had a surgery bank for face transplants.
    • You’d be wrong.
    • But Tudor Arms Hotel is what pinged this to ping me.



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