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Hypnotism, Health, And You

Once under the hypnotist’s spell, it seems the person will do anything and everything they are instructed to do…like asking someone to act like Santa Claus or Henry VIII. — “Hypnotism, Health, And You,” The Pulse.

Please take some time and tell me what you would do to act like Henry VIII. Mine is “injure myself doing something dumb and then getting some kind of syphilis, so find another way.

[This comes from another Google alert that I thought was going to be relevant to Henry VIII, but is, instead, whatever this is. It’s an article from 2018 that reads as if it’s from 1918. Like, this sentence: “Hypnosis is the area in your brain right before you go to sleep.” No. No it isn’t. Hypnosis is not a part of the brain right before you anything. Science writing these days, guys.]

1 thought on “Hypnotism, Health, And You”

  1. Look at the source Mike—an “alternative” newspaper—this is not science writing at all—it is some reporter in what amounts to a hick town in a hick state quoting some half-assed theater “artist” who is on the high road to doing some serious harm to some poor numbskull who goes to his parlor games.


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