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“Stay Sweet”

British School, Henry VIII, about 1513 (22 years old). Oil paint on panel, housed in its original frame. Promised Gift of the Berger Collection Educational Trust.

If you were looking through an old year book, because you’re 40 and drunk and wondering if that was the best time of your life, or if none of it has been all that good to begin with*, and you came across this portrait, would you think:

  • Oh, that guy can definitely get it.
  • He can defend my faith ANY time.
  • Dude’s going to marry, like, 6 women and kill two of them.

[* High school is never the best time of your life and if you are living a life where that seems to be the case — where you think you can make a legitimate, stickable argument, you are wrong but I love you high school was terrible.]


[Also, Norman Dolid can definitely get it AND Isidore Friedenthal is 100% possessed.]

1 thought on ““Stay Sweet””

  1. We can all play that game, I bet my high school was worse than yours. I will send you my papers on the subject.


    As for that portrait, my first thought is that the artist can do jewelry really well but not faces and second that the chap looks a lot younger than 22.


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