2 thoughts on “Discussion Playback: Part V”

  1. I am not a subscriber to this ongoing discussion, but since I am a friend of Mike Bevel’s, he sent me his comments below. I responded to him more or less as follows: If Henry had the Kell antigen (I think my terminology is correct) then it was NO FAULT of Katherine’s that she miscarried so often, nor of Anne’s that her second child was stillborn/not viable. Since Jane died at once, most probably of puerperal fever, we have no idea what might have become of her in additional pregnancies. But Bessie Blount married twice after the birth of Henry Fitzroy and bore many children most of whom survived very well, even by the statistics of that time, which are horrific. And Katherine’s sister Juana had no problem with bearing healthy children. Further: it is possible that Mary had fibroids, which are very common and can cause all sorts of menstrual distress and would almost certainly have had a deleterious effect on any real pregnancy.

    Thank you for considering these remarks.

    Judith Judson



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