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TM&tL: Part I, Chapter 1, ‘Wreckage (I)’

This post also includes notes to some of the front material, too.

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“In Defence of Thomas More”: A Rebuttal

A friend sent me a recent(ish) article from the Times Literary Supplement titled, "In defence of Thomas More." My quick answer is: that guy doesn't need a defense. But I put a little more work into it, and that's what follows. It's long, by the way, for those who like a warning.

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Mike’s Marginalia for Part IV

she [Mary] hints, in Castilian, that it is her women's disorder  From about the age of 15 on, Mary Tudor (Katherine's daughter with Henry; later to be Bloody Mary or Mary I) suffered from irregular periods (and there are a LOT of factors that could have encouraged this, like stress, for example). She eventually dies… Continue reading Mike’s Marginalia for Part IV

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“He lieth under the shady trees, in the covert of the reed and fens”

We like knowing the beginnings of things -- this sort of purity of source. Many Evangelical Christians hold this hope in their heart that, if one were to drill far enough down/back into history, you'd find the purist version of Christianity that ever existed, before it was corrupted by politics and propositions, changed by shifting alliances and points of view.

It doesn't work that way, though. There has never been an ur-version of Christianity at all. There have been Christianities. But can it work with a portrait? Can we pinpoint when a portrait was painted, and can we then know when someone's obsession started, the purist form of that possession?

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“There’s One Sort of Huge Difference?”

There's a new documentary coming, A Tale of Two Sisters, which, I am promised, is not that weird Japanese horror film I saw where something upsetting happened to teeth. (I think it was teeth? Don't you dare tell me.) Instead, it looks at Elizabeth and Margaret, comparing and contrasting them with Anne and Mary.

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Reading the Bible in England

Because ways lead on to ways, and time is a flat circle, there's an article in the Year of Our Lord 2018 titled: Fight to Read the Bible Reaches Britain. Yes it's a World Net Daily article. You don't have to click it.