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TM&tL: Part I, Chapter 2, ‘Salvage’

When Adam delved and Eve span / Who was then the gentleman? (24): The first time we heard this ditty was at the end of Wolf Hall (in Part 6, 'Supremacy'). This is taken from a sermon by John Ball, a 14th century priest who predates the better-known John Wycliffe as a reforming influence in… Continue reading TM&tL: Part I, Chapter 2, ‘Salvage’


Mike’s Marginalia for Part I

My original copy of Wolf Hall is scribbled in, underlined, cross-referenced, and well-wornly loved. However, it would absolutely be Exhibit A in any sanity hearing if someone was trying to have me committed in order to gain access to my vast fortune. (Joke's on you, perspective someone! I invested heavily in scented candles and it turns out that was… Continue reading Mike’s Marginalia for Part I

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Oh, THAT’S Where That Thing Went

Bibles play a significant role in Wolf Hall. We know Thomas Cromwell kept an illegal Bible, printed in English, in his home. He meets with a group of early Protestants who are smuggling religious writing into England -- and several of those men are burned at the stake for it.

Owning a Bible in Tudor England was no small thing. But owning a small Bible?

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“There’s One Sort of Huge Difference?”

There's a new documentary coming, A Tale of Two Sisters, which, I am promised, is not that weird Japanese horror film I saw where something upsetting happened to teeth. (I think it was teeth? Don't you dare tell me.) Instead, it looks at Elizabeth and Margaret, comparing and contrasting them with Anne and Mary.