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TM&tL: Part I, Chapter 2, ‘Salvage’

When Adam delved and Eve span / Who was then the gentleman? (24): The first time we heard this ditty was at the end of Wolf Hall (in Part 6, 'Supremacy'). This is taken from a sermon by John Ball, a 14th century priest who predates the better-known John Wycliffe as a reforming influence in… Continue reading TM&tL: Part I, Chapter 2, ‘Salvage’

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Oh, THAT’S Where That Thing Went

Bibles play a significant role in Wolf Hall. We know Thomas Cromwell kept an illegal Bible, printed in English, in his home. He meets with a group of early Protestants who are smuggling religious writing into England -- and several of those men are burned at the stake for it.

Owning a Bible in Tudor England was no small thing. But owning a small Bible?