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TM&tL: Part I, Chapter 1, ‘Wreckage (I)’

This post also includes notes to some of the front material, too.

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“In Defence of Thomas More”: A Rebuttal

A friend sent me a recent(ish) article from the Times Literary Supplement titled, "In defence of Thomas More." My quick answer is: that guy doesn't need a defense. But I put a little more work into it, and that's what follows. It's long, by the way, for those who like a warning.

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Mike’s Marginalia for Part IV

she [Mary] hints, in Castilian, that it is her women's disorder  From about the age of 15 on, Mary Tudor (Katherine's daughter with Henry; later to be Bloody Mary or Mary I) suffered from irregular periods (and there are a LOT of factors that could have encouraged this, like stress, for example). She eventually dies… Continue reading Mike’s Marginalia for Part IV

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Mike’s Marginalia for Part III

As I've mentioned, my original copy of Wolf Hall, given to me by Zach who little understood what he had created in doing so, is filled with scribbles, underlines, footnotes, and margin notes. Here are some that I think you'll find useful. Three-Card Trick: That's the opening chapter of Part 3. Cromwell learned the three-card… Continue reading Mike’s Marginalia for Part III


Mike’s Marginalia for Part I

My original copy of Wolf Hall is scribbled in, underlined, cross-referenced, and well-wornly loved. However, it would absolutely be Exhibit A in any sanity hearing if someone was trying to have me committed in order to gain access to my vast fortune. (Joke's on you, perspective someone! I invested heavily in scented candles and it turns out that was… Continue reading Mike’s Marginalia for Part I