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Oh, THAT’S Where That Thing Went

Bibles play a significant role in Wolf Hall. We know Thomas Cromwell kept an illegal Bible, printed in English, in his home. He meets with a group of early Protestants who are smuggling religious writing into England -- and several of those men are burned at the stake for it.

Owning a Bible in Tudor England was no small thing. But owning a small Bible?

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Capability Brown

The BBC article is short on information directly related to Henry, Katherine, Anne, or anyone else whose name you may know/backside you've seen on an episode of the very terrible The Tudors, but it does give us a chance, real quick, to discuss the goings on with Katherine at this time.

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Reading the Bible in England

Because ways lead on to ways, and time is a flat circle, there's an article in the Year of Our Lord 2018 titled: Fight to Read the Bible Reaches Britain. Yes it's a World Net Daily article. You don't have to click it.